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How to Cut Through The IPv4 Subnet Mask Jungle

Although IPv6 has been in regular operation for almost 20 years, its saturation within corporate networks is still relatively low. Switching from IPv4 to IPv6 is a long-standing process that requires good planning and involves parallel operation of the two protocols.

How To Use Ping For Troubleshooting

Ping is a simple tool. It sends out an echo request and waits for a reply. That’s it. But, in that simplicity there is much potential for troubleshooting network issues and finding problems.

Keeping an Eye on Singapore – a Huge Monitoring Challenge

Smart devices, smart buildings, and smart cities: With IoT, the trend is clear that we will be analyzing and monitoring large parts of our personal and community life in the future. As a monitoring company, we follow this process with an alert eye and many projects dealing with the topic of IoT.

Connected Love: Why it Matters to Pay Attention in Spite of Technology

In 2018 it's important to be mindful that the person you ask to marry you will be the same one you watch stare at their phones for the rest of your lives together! I mention this as I just got married last week in Walt Disney World and I write this blog while my husband is at the pool on our honeymoon!

Microsoft Teams Monday: What's New in 2018?

Two months have passed since our last 'Microsoft Teams Monday' here on the blog. It's time to get news about Microsofts Office 365 group chat software, especially as the latest version presents several juicy new features.

Connected Human: Chris Dancy talks to Paessler

Rupert Collier interviews Chris Dancy to find out more about how he became so connected and how humans and technology will coincide and cohabit in the future. Listen to the podcast to see how dystopian our future could be. Or read the very gappy summary below.

What To Do When You Fall Off The Band(width)wagon

In our daily lives, doctors will point to our dietary intake as a predictor of long-term health. The number one recommendation is to eat the right amount and types food. If we’re honest with ourselves, we’re probably not where our doctors want us to be. In the world of Business and Technology, these things remain true for our data consumption. So, where do we start? Simple; design a diet, stick to it, and watch for issues.

How to Monitor Your Huawei Network

Huawei is a Chinese multinational networking, telecommunications equipment and services company that was founded in 1987. Huawei has developed product for the Enterprise, Small to Medium Business (SMB) and consumer market.

Connected Time: Strategies To Put Time Back Into Our Lives And Systems

As system administrators, IT architects and ninja network admins we understand one staple of the human experience more so than our brethren in other parts of the enterprise, time. 

Why You Need an IT Security Culture and How the PDCA Method Can Help

Frequent cybercrime news reports, and also surveys, show that the human factor in IT Security Management (ITSM) is often given too little consideration. Often, the weakest link in the chain are the employees of an organization and not the IT infrastructure itself. This fact leads directly to the question of “how a comprehensive IT security culture can be developed and maintained within an organization”. Some key aspects to be considered.

8 Key Considerations When Choosing a DBMS

Having a perfectly fitting database management system (DBMS) is a key component for today’s business success. The DBMS manages the interaction between your applications and the underlying database. It assures that the correct data is available for the requested user group when needed. When choosing a DBMS from the variety of concepts and vendors, you should consider the following points before making a decision.

Trust, Security, Palo Alto: A PRTG Use Case

Palo Alto Networks based in Santa Clara, California provides their 45,000+ customers in 150+ countries a "Next-Generation Security Platform" through their firewalls and security management tools. Palo Alto Networks is the security company maintaining trust in the digital age by helping organizations prevent cyber breaches.

Connected Families: How We Are All Connected To The Internet

Software-defined virtual machines such as VMWare and Microsoft virtual PC reformed network management in the 90's, as our hardware devices became software.

Automate Your PRTG Tasks Using CLI

Did you ever ask yourself what are possible tasks for PRTG Network Monitor beyond using predefined sensors? PRTG is famous for its self-explaining web interface and its intuitive handling. So, you can perform most of your tasks without taking your hands off the mouse. Moreover, PRTG offers a wide variety of additional capabilities to monitor network related stuff. One thing we will have a closer look today is using the command line interface.

Sensor Story Contest - Our Last Winner: Andreas Ginther with His Smart Mailbox and other Smart Home Projects

We are very pleased to announce the last PRTG Sensor Contest winner: Andreas Ginther, who dealt with the topic of Smart Home and who has taken us by storm with his love of detail and excellent documentation.